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Text Box: Phở - pronounced fuh? End it like a question. 
Phở is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup dish, consisting of rice noodles in a beef (phở b) or chicken (phở g) broth. The soup is usually accompanied by a large plate of fresh herbs and vegetables (such as cilantro, peppers, basil, mint, lime, and bean sprouts).
Phở was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. This dish was influenced by both Chinese and French cooking. Rice noodle and spices were imported from China and the French popularized the eating of red meat. "phở" is believed to be derived from "pot au feu" a French soup. Vietnamese cooks blended the Chinese, French and native influences to make a dish that is uniquely Vietnamese.
Phở has become popular in the United States from Vietnamese refugees who have settled in North America from the late 1970s migration.
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